O.p.i cytotoxic agent nail treatment, genital warts relief best foods generic

O.p.i cytotoxic agent nail treatment, genital warts relief best foods generic

O.p.i cytotoxic agent nail treatment, genital warts relief best foods

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How long does it take Aldara to work? It usually takes 8-10 weeks for your warts to disappear but warts may clear as early as 4 weeks. If your warts reappear, talk to your doctor. If your skin reacts badly to Aldara, your doctor may recommend that you stop treatment for a few days.
What is the most effective wart remover? Stronger peeling medicine (salicylic acid). Prescription-strength wart medications with salicylic acid work by removing layers of a wart a little bit at a time. Studies show that salicylic acid is more effective when combined with freezing.
Can I cut off a wart? Softening of warts under prolonged duct tape occlusion is sometimes effective. Whatever you do, do not try to cut off a plantar wart yourself because you may injure yourself and cuts in your skin allow the warts to spread.
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